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5 Benefits of a Root Canal

If you need a root canal, sooner is better than later. Here are five reasons why you should call your dentist today to get that root canal scheduled.

Nov 2nd, 2021
Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Need to straighten your teeth but don’t want traditional braces and not sure if Invisalign® is right for you? Read on to get the answers you’re looking for.

Oct 7th, 2021
4 Conditions That Veneers Correct

Tired of hiding your smile and ready to do something about it? Find out what conditions veneers can fix so you can let your smile shine!

Sep 6th, 2021
How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

Even if you follow a strict dental hygiene routine at home, you still need professional dental cleanings. Find out why, and how often you should be going to the dentist.

Aug 10th, 2021
3 Types of Sedation Medicine

Almost half of Americans have some level of anxiety about going to the dentist. Find out how sedation medicine can help you have a pleasant experience.

Jul 20th, 2021
Life After Dental Implant Surgery

Is there life after dental implant surgery? The answer, of course, is yes. Here’s more info on what dental implants are and how you can adjust to life with implants.

Jun 20th, 2021
Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

Dental implants are now the best way to successfully replace missing teeth because the implant replaces the tooth above and below the gumline. As with any contemporary dental procedure, pain is well controlled with anesthetics.

Apr 1st, 2021
What Is a Gum Lift?

When you look in the mirror, do you see more of your gums than your teeth? If you’re embarrassed by a gummy smile, it’s time to explore how a gum lift can reshape your gums and give you the beautiful smile you desire.

Mar 14th, 2021
What's the Best Age to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You can undergo dental surgery to remove problem wisdom teeth at age, but there’s a recommended window between the ages of 18 and 24 when dentists would prefer for extraction. This age provides a balance of simple procedure and speedy recovery. Here’s why.

Feb 1st, 2021
More to Smile About: We Offer Botox

Every year millions of men and women seek Botox® treatments to help them look and feel their best. Read on to learn why this simple cosmetic treatment is part of so many American regular beauty regimens.

Dec 1st, 2020
9 Bad Habits That May be Ruining Your Teeth

Healthy teeth and gums extend beyond a winning smile. They impact your ability to chew and speak properly. To ensure they last, practice preventive care and avoid bad habits that can ruin your pearly whites. Read on to learn what these are.

Nov 1st, 2020
The 2 Most Common Causes of White Spots on Your Teeth

Even though you go to great lengths to keep your teeth snow white, you may be self-conscious about tiny acutely discolored white spots that speckle your teeth. Learn what causes them and how we can help you get rid of them.

Oct 18th, 2020
What are Veneers?

If you have minor imperfections or discolored teeth that are affecting your otherwise great smile, veneers are the perfect solution. Explore why veneers are some of the more versatile and effective cosmetic tools for transforming your smile.

Aug 3rd, 2020
COVID-19 and Dental Care: What You Should Know

As the coronavirus restrictions begin to lift around the country, you may be wondering if it’s safe to go back to the dentist. Learn about the extensive precautions we’re taking so you can get the preventive, elective, or urgent dental care you need.

Jul 20th, 2020
The Many Benefits of Mouth Guards

Did you know mouth guards can treat a number of conditions that affect your oral and general health? Read on to learn how custom-fitted mouth guards can help you beat the battle against teeth grinding and sleep apnea!

Jun 16th, 2020
Three Reasons Regular Dental Cleanings Are So Important

Are you considering skipping your regular dental appointment? If you aren’t in pain and your teeth look okay, you may be tempted to put off your regular appointment for cleaning. Here are a few reasons you may want to make you reconsider.

May 13th, 2020
Dental Implants: The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

If you have one or more severely damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are as close as you can get to replacement teeth. The implants’ titanium posts meld with your jawbone, providing a durable, stable “root.” Read on to learn more.

Apr 20th, 2020
Don't Ignore the Pain – A Root Canal Could Save Your Tooth

When given the choice between saving a natural tooth and an extraction, always choose to save your tooth. Keeping your teeth is the easiest path to good oral health. Discover how root canals can save teeth and help you avoid health complications.

Feb 1st, 2020
Waking Up with Headaches? You Might Need a Mouthguard

If you’re suffering from headaches when you get up in the morning, you might benefit from wearing a mouthguard. Find out the types of headache pain that mouthguards can relieve and whether this device can help you awaken without discomfort.

Dec 1st, 2019
How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Teeth tend to darken over time, even teeth that have been whitened. It can be disappointing to see your results slowly fade. How can you extend the results of your teeth whitening to keep your pearly whites sparkling longer?

Nov 1st, 2019
Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Are your teeth cracked or damaged? You might want to consider veneers! Keep reading to learn more about veneers and how they can improve your smile in place of crowns or fillings.

Oct 1st, 2019