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Smile Design Manhattan Onsite

Smile Design Manhattan On-site
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What We Do

Our mission is to provide access to the highest quality, patient friendly & most comprehensive oral care available.

We place our dental pop-up units in office spaces, conference rooms, residences & apartment buildings, medical clinics & other available venues.

SDM Onsite is ideal for those that want convenient access to the highest quality dental benefits & care



How It Works

FOR EMPLOYERS(or anyone who wants us onsite)

Step 1: Contact us to discover how the convenience of SDM onsite can save time & money


Step 2: Pick the dates that work best for you to have our clinical leaders onsite


Step 3: Spread the news & book everything online or Contact Us(Our teams are available 24/7 for support)




FOR PATIENTS (or anyone who wants us onsite)

Step 1:Signup & book online or contact us directly


Step 2: Simply arrive at your scheduled time & our staff will see you onsite


Step 3: Our friendly clinicians keep you healthy & smiling bright without leaving your office 

For those without insurance we offer flexible out of pocket options, just contact us!

"42% of Americans don't see a dentist as often as they'd like"

"$45B in lost productivity per year due to unplanned (emergency) dental care"

"Every $1 spent on preventative care could save $8-50 in restorative & emergency treatments"

"Employees who regularly use preventive dental services have fewer claims for restorative dental, which lowers their out-of-pocket as well as employers' premiums for group coverage"



SDM Onsite Standard Services(covered by most dental insurances)


Comprehensive Preventative Cleaning


Oral X-ray


Oral Exam


+ Optional Services
(Not covered by most insurances)


Zoom Whitening







Clients Choose Us!


How do I schedule or reschedule an appointment ?

Simply book an appointment online by inserting your information on this website.

How much does it cost for an appointment ?

Most insurances will cover the cost of your cleaning. If a patient has no insurance the cost of a single cleaning is $250.

How long is the typical appointment ?

Generally 45 minutes

What is used to keep equipment clean ?

Every patient package is kept sterile in hospital grade packaging. Distilled water is used for every patient and all materials are individually packaged for the patient. This is actually more sterile than in normal dental practices where supplies are kept in bins for all patients.

What should I do before my appointment ?

Come to the preappointed area sent in the welcome email from us 2 days before your appointment.

How do I go about getting my records?

Simply request your records from

How much does it cost to bring SDM Onsite to the office? No cost. We are happy to come as a service to patients and we only bill the patient's insurance or the patients themselves if they are self pay.

How can I be sure SDM onsite has quality dental care?

SDM Manhattan has been a leading dental practice in Manhattan for over 10 years. Located on 57th and 5th we have been a leader in dental care for busy New Yorkers and their families.

Do you have insurance?

(E&A, Malpractice, Etc?) All insurances are available upon request from

How do you handle sanitation?

All dental equipment is unidose packaged. This means everything is individually sterile and packaged in advance of the visit. All disposables are gotten rid of with ADA protocol, often used at away sites for healthcare many times reserved for VIPs, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, or satellite clinics.

How do you keep dental records safe?

All record keeping/transfer is kept on ADA approved softwares and is Hippa Compliant.