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The goal of the dentists, endodontists, and dental hygienists at Smile Design Manhattan is to provide high-quality oral health care to men and women living in and around Midtown West, New York City. With a commitment to clear communication and individualized care, patients can feel confident knowing their unique oral health needs will be addressed.

The providers at Smile Design Manhattan are dedicated to providing a different kind of dental experience. After hearing dozens of new patients tell of “nightmare” dental scenarios, Smile Design Manhattan founder Lee Gause, DDS, designed the practice’s environs to be warm and inviting. The walls of the lobby are accented with bright tones, soft lighting, and colorful art curated to promote comfort and ease anxiety. Aromatherapy also encourages relaxation.

At Smile Design Manhattan, the team’s commitment to patient comfort and cutting-edge technology extends to all of the clinical treatment areas as well. Each room is equipped with nitrous oxide, digital X-rays, and computer monitors where patients can view their results in real-time and even peek inside their own mouth.

The dentists and endodontists at Smile Design Manhattan also promise a clean and sterile environment. All tools are washed and sterilized in the office’s sterilization unit, which is in plain view of customers. This enables patients to see “behind-the-scenes,” while displaying the team’s commitment to cleanliness and aseptic protocol.

When Dr. Gause isn’t visiting with patients in Midtown West, he’s working with celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., traveling the country to ensure they receive proper care. Dr. Gause is also active in the community and regularly contributes his expertise to publications, providing readers with “mouth healthy” tips.

To access the best, most comprehensive oral health care, partner with the team at Smile Design Manhattan. To learn more, call or use the online booking tool to request your appointment.


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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Gause and his staff are wonderful. His office is beautiful. I had such an amazing experience...Dr. Gause and his assistant, Sadete, were gentle and efficient."

    Ann H.
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    "Dr. Ahmed is amazing! This office doesn't feel like a traditional dentist office. It has a super good vibe and best part is the staff..."

    Emily Y.
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    "Dr. Gause sets the the standard for excellence. He runs a tight ship and all of the dentists and dental specialists under his supervision are unique and outstanding."

    Verified Patient