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Root Canals

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Root canals have developed a reputation as being a procedure that you should fear or dread. Nowadays, it’s a nearly painless procedure, and it’s designed to save your tooth from extraction. The experienced dental team at Smile Design Manhattan in New York City includes endodontic experts who specialize in root canals and can provide the treatment you need with expert care and no pain or discomfort. For an appointment, call the Midtown West office today or book online.

Root Canals Q & A

What are Root Canals?

Root canals are considered a serious dental procedure, but they’re fairly routine at Smile Design Manhattan. The purpose of the root canal is to remove the diseased or damaged portion of your tooth to save your tooth and mouth from a more serious infection.

During the procedure, the pulp and root of your teeth are removed and the cavity is filled with special dental cement. Your tooth doesn’t need the pulp or root to survive.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

Your dental specialist at Smile Design Manhattan determines if you need a root canal during an examination.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, it’s possible you may have dental decay that requires a root canal, and you should contact the office right away for an appointment.

The Smile Design Manhattan professionals do their best to accommodate unexpected dental emergencies, including toothaches, and can schedule an appointment as soon as possible so you get the care you need.

What Can I Expect During a Root Canal?

The root canal procedure at Smile Design Manhattan is a painless procedure. The endodontic specialist at Smile Design Manhattan has lectured nationally and internationally on endodontic pain and has mastered strategies to prevent pain during root canal procedures.

Under pain-free local anesthesia, your dental specialist begins your root canal procedure by drilling a hole in your tooth to get to the pulp.

Then, your pulp is removed and the cavity is cleaned and treated with an antiseptic agent and filled with special dental cement. Your specialist then covers your tooth with a filling or temporary crown.

To fortify your tooth, your specialist has you return to the office for placement of a post and permanent crown to complete your smile. With good dental care, your root canal should keep your tooth healthy for the rest of your life.

Root canals are a routine dental procedure aimed at saving your tooth from an extraction. For expert dental care from compassionate dentists who offers painless root canals, call Smile Design Manhattan today or request an appointment online.

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