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What Is a Gum Lift?

Supersized foods are trending these days, but no one wants oversized gums that hide their teeth. If you see more of your gums than your teeth when you look in the mirror — commonly called a gummy smile — it’s time to consider a gum lift.

Smile Design Manhattan can take care of your gums in one visit, reshaping them to give you a new, vibrant smile. You deserve to have a smile that exudes confidence and boosts your self-esteem. Here’s what you need to know about getting a gum lift.

Excess gum tissue

Your gums may overtake your teeth, falling so low over the white enamel that only a portion of the whole tooth is visible. You may have uneven gums that go lower on some teeth than others, making it look like you have a crooked smile.

What causes this problem? Most people simply develop a gummy smile as their adult teeth grow in.

Though not as common, excessive gum growth may also be caused by some medications and health conditions. This type of gum overgrowth is also called gum enlargement or gingival hyperplasia, depending on the underlying cause.

If you have gum overgrowth rather than a natural gummy smile, a gum lift becomes a treatment rather than a cosmetic procedure.

It’s important to treat gum overgrowth to maintain healthy gums. In fact, we performed gum lifts to treat gum disease for years before it became a popular cosmetic procedure.

How a gum lift works

When you get a gum lift, we give you the best balance of teeth and gums. We reduce the amount of gum tissue and sculpt what remains to perfectly frame your teeth. With a shorter gum line, your teeth immediately look longer and fuller so they take center stage when you smile.

In some cases, the underlying bone may contribute to your gummy smile. After we examine your teeth, we let you know if that’s a problem for you and explain how we can also reshape the underlying bone if needed.

We may do a gum lift procedure — also called a gingivectomy or crown lengthening — when we restore a tooth with a crown or veneer. The lift creates a larger base for the restoration, making it stronger, longer lasting, and better looking.

Undergoing a gum lift procedure

Before starting your gum lift, we use a special type of pen to draw the shape of your new gum line. This gives you the chance to see and approve the new shape of your gums.

When you’re happy with the plan, we give you a local anesthetic and then use a laser to perform your gum lift. The laser produces well-defined edges and seals blood vessels at the same time. As a result, you don’t need stitches.

You should expect to have some swelling for a few days, but most patients find that they only have mild discomfort. You can eat and drink in 24 hours. And the best part is that your gums heal within a week.

To learn more about gum lifts, call Smile Design Manhattan or book an appointment online today.

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