Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Fix Your Smile Problems

Flaws in your smile aren’t just detrimental to your appearance. Did you know that it may be important for your long-term dental and oral health to fix your smile?

At Smile Design Manhattan, our team of dental experts, under the leadership of founder Lee Gause, DDS, can help you plan the best way to improve your dental health and appearance. 

Whether you need treatments for stains, chips, cracks, crooked or uneven teeth, or even lost or missing teeth, we’re here to help.

Dental health benefits of even and correctly adjusted teeth

Having straight and even teeth isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, although our patients also care about presenting an attractive appearance. Did you know that well-aligned and evenly positioned teeth are typically easier to keep clean and free from tooth decay?

If your teeth are crooked or uneven, food debris may be more likely to remain in your mouth, instead of rinsing loose. Nooks and crannies between crooked teeth provide pockets where plaque and harmful bacteria can accumulate, leading to dental health problems down the road.

If you have chipped, cracked, or missing teeth, fixing the problem may be necessary to prevent damage to oral structures like your jawbone. These problems can worsen over time.

With our full mouth rehab service, we can help you understand your oral health care needs and recommend the right cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to fix flaws in your smile this spring.

Personal benefits of a flawless smile

In addition to being important for your long-term dental health and wellness, a smile that makes you feel confident can make a big difference in many aspects of your life.

If you feel insecure about the appearance of your teeth due to stains, snaggle teeth, an over- or underbite, or other dental issues, you might keep your smile hidden. 

Insecurity about your teeth can prevent you from speaking up in social, professional, and personal situations, making it challenging for you to fully pursue your goals.

Once you’ve corrected the aesthetic issues, you can feel free to put yourself out there. Depending on your needs, you could benefit from Invisalign® to correct misalignment, or teeth whitening or white spot removal treatments, among other options.

Make this the year that you put dental insecurity behind you for good. To learn more about how we at Smile Design Manhattan can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, get in touch with our Midtown West, New York, office today.

Schedule your initial consultation appointment by calling or using our online tool.

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