5 Benefits of a Root Canal

5 Benefits of a Root Canal

Let’s take a moment to appreciate an underrated staple of any dental practice: the humble root canal. 

Root canals over the years have gotten a bad reputation, but with today’s technology, a root canal likely won’t cause you pain beyond any initial discomfort.

At Smile Design Manhattan in the Midtown West area of New York City, our expert team knows exactly how to perform a root canal for maximum results and minimal disruption to your life.

In fact, root canals help you more than you may know. Here are five essential benefits of a root canal.

1. Stops the spread of infection

A root canal is designed to remove infected pulp or damaged nerves from the center of your tooth. The infection is usually caused by bacteria — once it’s removed, the tooth is cleaned and treated with an antiseptic agent. 

This not only addresses the cause of your toothache but it keeps the infection from spreading, and that protects the rest of your teeth.

2. Gets rid of your pain

You called your dentist because you had pain in your tooth. The root canal removes the cause of that pain so you can return to your daily life. Thanks to today’s modern techniques and anesthesia that’s extremely effective, the procedure itself is also virtually painless.

3. Saves your teeth and jawbone

After the infected material is removed from your tooth, your provider fills the tooth with a special dental cement and then covers your tooth with a permanent crown. 

Because this procedure preserves your tooth, you won’t have a gap between teeth. That’s important because a missing tooth can lead to decay of your jawbone.

4. Makes your overall health better

Tooth decay complicates your oral health and increases your risk for other health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. So ignoring the problem can be dangerous. Getting tooth decay out of your mouth is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.

5. Improves your smile

This one almost goes without saying, but your smile is better after a root canal. The crown both looks and functions like a natural tooth, and that should give you confidence when you smile and laugh. No need to worry about hiding a missing tooth.

If you’re in pain and want to see if a root canal can benefit you, contact the Smile Design Manhattan office, and our caring team can get you in for a visit as soon as possible. Call today or book your appointment online.

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