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How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

All teeth darken over time, even teeth that have been whitened. Lifestyle, hygiene, and even food habits play an important role in this process. Teeth whitening has many advantages, like giving your smile a youthful and healthy appearance. That’s why it can be disappointing to see the bright results fade over time.

However, the experts at Smile Design Manhattan in Midtown West, NYC know exactly how to give you the smile you’re dreaming of and extend the results of your teeth whitening. 

How will you whiten my teeth?

Dr. Lee Gause and his team of professionals use the Phillips Zoom!® system for your whitening treatment. The doctor will fill a retainer with a whitening solution and fit it snugly over your teeth. The whitening solution breaks down stains on your teeth. To help the gel get to even the toughest stains, we use a special light to enhance the whitening process.

Can I use over-the-counter whitening products?

Our experts don’t recommend using OTC whitening products for several reasons. First, they simply aren’t as effective as the Zoom! Process. Over-the-counter whitening trays aren’t a snug fit, and the whitening bleaching solution is much weaker. Also, they take much more time and commitment, applying strips twice daily for a full 30 minutes for 14 days. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the degree of whitening achieved by OTC products is less effective than a dentist-supervised treatment.

Most importantly, it’s best if you have a professional oversee your whitening to keep from damaging your gum tissue and oral cavity. Unfortunately, OTC whitening treatments don’t provide this kind of protection.

How can I extend the results of my teeth whitening?

Once we have your smile turned up to 1,000 watts, there are some great methods of extending your teeth whitening. Follow these tips, and you’ll be surprised at how easily your teeth stay brilliantly white.

Avoid foods and beverages that stain teeth. Certain foods and drinks tend to cause stains on your tooth enamel. Although it isn’t necessary to stop consuming them, it is recommended that you eat or drink them in moderation to extend your teeth whitening. Some examples are:

If you avoid these things, you may be able to wait for a year or more before needing a touch-up. If you do consume these stain-causing foods or drinks, brush immediately following the meal. Another option is to use a straw for drinking liquids that can cause staining.

Make sure you maintain your daily practice of proper oral hygiene. Floss and brush at least twice daily. You can add a whitening toothpaste for some extra oomph.

Finally, avoid tobacco products. Smoking or chewing tobacco causes teeth to yellow rapidly. A smoker will need teeth whitening twice as often as a non-smoker.

Eventually, you will need a touch-up whitening treatment, but following these tips will help you keep a super white smile for a much longer time. If you’re ready for a smile that lights up the room for years to come, call Smile Design Manhattan today, or use our convenient online scheduling tool to book a consultation today.

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