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4 Signs of a Dental Abscess

4 Signs of a Dental Abscess

A dental abscess, also called an abscessed tooth, is a pocket of pus that forms near a tooth.

A dental abscess looks like a red, swollen bump. It’s caused by a bacterial infection that can spread to your jawbone and surrounding teeth. There are three types of dental abscesses:

Our team at Smile Design Manhattan, in the Midtown West neighborhood of New York City, can treat a dental abscess to relieve your pain and get you back to normal.

 Here are four signs you might have a dental abscess:

Severe, throbbing pain

One of the major symptoms of a dental abscess is pain. It may come on suddenly near the affected tooth or gum area and gradually worsen until it’s a severe, throbbing toothache.

Abscess pain can also spread to your jawbone, neck, and ear on the same side of your face as the affected tooth. The pain may be worse when you’re lying down, disturbing your sleep.

A foul taste in your mouth

Pus leaking from the abscess immediately leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If you experience a sudden rush of foul-tasting, foul-smelling, salty fluid, you know the abscess has ruptured. The good news is you should experience pain relief from the ruptured abscess.

Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

The affected tooth may be sensitive due to hot or cold food and drink that touches the tooth. With an abscess, substances have access to the tooth root they shouldn’t have. The root and nerves are more sensitive than tooth enamel, so you feel the temperature change more fully.

Redness and swelling in your face

The infection in your tooth may also cause redness and swelling in your gums, jaw, face, cheek, or neck as it spreads. The swelling can also lead to difficulty breathing or swallowing. If that occurs, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Depending on which type of abscess you have, treatment can involve incision and drainage of the pus, a root canal to eliminate the infection, and even tooth extraction. You may also need antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

If you think you have a dental abscess, our team at Smile Design Manhattan can help. Call our office at 646-278-4579 to set up an appointment.

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