Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, or wisdom teeth are one of two structures in the body that only cause problems  (The other is the appendix). 

Wisdom teeth often become infected, causing pain and swelling, or even bone loss around other teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

At Smile Design Manhattan, wisdom teeth are removed for patients with comfort and speed of recovery being paramount, which is why we offer full sedation dentistry. This means patients can be completely sedated for any of these procedures. 

Also since this procedure is best done by a specialist, Smile Design Manhattan offer specialists in-house so that a patient does not have to go between offices and can truly have continuity of care. 

We generally offer wisdom teeth extractions on Saturdays, so that patients can plan to be back to school or work by Monday. To book a consultation for wisdom teeth please click the button above or visit our contact page and a team member will reach out to help you schedule an appointment.