Anna - Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes fillings on front teeth can stain with coffee, red wine, or smoking. Anna's porcelain veneers allowed us to create a healthier smile by removing the old fillings. The dark fillings on her front teeth were a distraction when she smiled. We redesigned the smile to be bright opalescent white and harmonious with porcelain veneers on the top and bottom teeth.

Syvian - Full Mouth Rehabiliation

Sylvan had done a significant amount of damage to his teeth over the years through grinding his teeth and wearing them in an unhealthy way. Bite opening is how we were able to "turn back the clock". We were able to open his bite, and give him not only his facial support, but his smile, and healthy biting surfaces to chew.  We were all quite pleased with the result.

Anthony - Porcelain Veneers

Anthony is at the critical time of life where a young man has to make the impressions, contacts, and gain education and experience that will impact the rest of his life. Because of the position of his teeth, his face and smile appeared "sunken in". This did not give him a confident looking smile. We used porcelain veneers to improve the tooth position, facial support, and occlusion (teeth biting position). Although it takes a while for a person who has always hid their smile to "learn to smile" after years of hiding, Anthony has top and bottom veneers that will allow him to smile confidently.

Angela - Dental Implants

Angela's case was done in 2008. The photos that you see here are taken 8 years later. Implant dentistry combined with cosmetic dentistry is a great solution for replacing teeth and rejuvenating a smile.  The real esthetic challenge was that the canine (eye tooth) was next to the central incisor. We had to make the large canine appear small (like the lateral incisor). Using a combination of crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental implants we were able to replace all missing teeth, improve the color, and even out the smile line.


Caityln - Sedation Dentistry

Caitlyn was on her way back home from college and sustained a car accident with an 18 wheel tractor trailer. She broke her jaws and lost many teeth. The amount of dentistry required, and fear from previous dental and medical procedures created a situation where some of the dental work had to be done under sedation. This allowed us to put Caitlyn to sleep, do most of the dental work, and then allow her to wake up after much of the dental work is done. We were able to reconstruct her smile so that she could finish college, and start interviewing for her career! Out of a horrible accident, came a Hollywood Smile!

Nick - Porcelain Veneers

Nick is a business owner, a successful investor, and influencer, and leader in his community. His teeth did not reflect his success nor his attention to detail, that is very obvious upon even meeting him in person. Upper and lower porcelain veneers were the solution. We were able to completely redo Nick's smile.  Everyone that knows him says he can't stop smiling!  

Dr. Melzer - Invisalign

Dr. M has lived his whole life with very crowded teeth. He was told that he was not a candidate for Invisalign. Because of our experience with over 400 successful invisalign cases completed, we were able to complete this case using only Invisalign. He didn't want Hollywood; he just wanted to be able to smile without having crooked teeth. We were both very happy with the final result.