Ceramic (Metal-Free) Dental Implants

Healthcare is becoming increasingly holistic and metal-free. More and more people are identifying metal allergies, which may suggest that dental implants containing metal not ideal. 

A healthy alternative to titanium dental implants is metal-free, Zirconia implants. Zirconia implants have been used successfully in Europe for approaching 20 years and have been used in the US for approaching 10. 

Our Process

We offer consultations for patients and lectures for dentists at New York University on the health benefits and dental advantages of Ceramic Implants.

The initial consultation for ceramic implants is free and will involve x-rays and an examination, as well as a discussion of risks and benefits of Ceramic Implants. 

Our Qualifications

Smile Design is New York's leader in Zirconia Implant Therapy for patients. We have hundreds of successfully restored metal free dental implants over the last 5 years. 

Because of the increasing number of people who wish to live holistic lives we at Smile Design Manhattan found it mandatory to become a leader in Ceramic Implants.