About Our Office

Say goodbye to 1970 decor and scary or intimidating equipment. Smile Design Manhattan is designed to promote comfort with bright walls, lighting, art, and aromatherapy, which make it a pleasant place to spend time. Additionally, the office is designed with a commitment to aesthetics, comfort and function, with an open feeling conveyed through the frosted glass, light fixtures and contemporary art in every room.

Office Design:

The clinical treatment areas are clean and minimal. This allows our staff to be comfortable and happy as they deliver care. Many patients come in complaining of “bad experiences” in other offices due to the environment itself not lending itself to pleasant procedures. Our sterilization unit, where instruments are washed and sterilized is placed in plain view, not in a dark closet like in many offices. We want our patients to see the “behind the scenes,” which demonstrates our commitment to cleanliness, sterility, and aseptic protocol.

The front desk is reclaimed redwood. We wanted natural elements to punctuate our commitment to nature's design

Our office used to be an art gallery. We salvaged many of the art gallery lights to maintain the feeling of a creative space.


Smile Design Manhattan’s commitment to technology is apparent as Nitrous Oxide gas is available in every room, as well as digital x-rays, and computer monitors and cameras that show patients inside their mouths.

Symmetry and minimalism was intentional. Healthcare should be organized, methodical, and not overly complicated.

Workspaces were left intentionally visible to the patient. Watching where and how we work makes patients feel like they are part of the process.

A patient watches a program while getting her teeth whitened